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Spray foam insulation is a proven preference for new and existing residential homes. We spray in attics, garage ceilings, additions, pole barns, basements, and more.


We can handle all commercial spray foam and fireproofing needs. Our skilled team has the expertise to provide the maximum insulation benefits for your commercial property.


Alpha Insulation LLC understand the importance of the things seen and unseen. That is why we have expanded our team and are now offering drywall services. From texture to high level smooth finishes.

Spray Foam Insulation, Fiberglass Insulation  Professionals

Alpha Insulation is your source for expert installation, removal, and replacement of spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation. Our insulation pros have over 45 years of combined experience helping homeowners and business owners insulating their property as well as increasing its energy efficiency. Call Alpha Insulation LLC at 

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While spray-foam insulation can be slightly more expensive than traditional fiberglass insulation, it provides superior protection for your home and business when it comes to climate control and air sealing. Once the polyurethane foam dries and hardens, it creates an air-tight barrier to protect your home or business from drastic temperatures, moisture, and more.


Spray foam insulation is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime, which means you’ll never have to worry about replacing your insultation. You also don’t have to worry about mold or mildew collecting because spray foam insulation doesn’t retain water. Call us to find out more about spray foam insulation and how it can help improve your property’s air quality and energy efficiency.

Alpha Insulation LLC's Services

Spray Foam Insulation

We use both open cell and closed cell spray foam insulation to properly seal and insulate your home or business.


Fiberglass insulation is one the most cost-effective insulation products used by homeowners and business owners.


Attic insulation, along with air sealing can improve your home’s efficiency and reduce monthly energy costs.

Insulation Removal

Don’t let damaged insulation affect your family’s health and your home’s efficiency. Call us for removal services today.

Functions of Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation serves more purposes than one might think. Here is just some of the functions that Spray polyurethane foam performs:


Provides an air barrier keeping air from entering or exiting your home and reducing your energy bills. Assists in Moisture Control depending on the type of spray foam insulation you choose. Closed cell spray foam can help form a moisture barrier that keeps dampness from entering your home, thus preventing the growth of mold and mildew. When Used in Roofing spray foam insulation insulates and eliminates thermal bridging through such things as gaps in the decking or various types of fasteners. Helps to Reduce Sound in various rooms of the home.


  • Eliminate internal wall condensation problems
  • Adhere to any surface
  • Reduce the likelihood of mold growth
  • Not be use as food source or nesting material for rodents

SPF Insulation Cost

Spray foam insulation costs are figured by the board foot rather than the square foot. Also closed cell spray foam insulation is more expensive than open cell, but the actual cost of spray foam insulation will depend on the individual properties the insulation has as well as the size of the space that needs to be insulated.

Who Should Install SPF

While there are spray foam installation kits available installing foam insulation is best left to the experts who are trained and certified in installing this type of insulation. Keep in mind that this insulation is made up of chemicals that you should never breathe in when applying. Professional insulation installers are trained in how to handle these chemicals and the proper gear and safety equipment to use when installing foam insulation.

Foam Insulation Solutions

Spray foam insulation is so versatile that it used in a wide variety of applications. Not only will you find it being used as insulation in walls, ceilings, basements and crawlspaces of homes and commercial buildings, this insulation is also used in trucks, for cold storage, walk-in-coolers, climate controlled buildings and warehouses, boats and ships and much for.

Wide Variety of Application

Spray foam insulation is so versatile that it used in a wide variety of applications. Not only will you find it being used as insulation in walls, ceilings, basements and crawlspaces of homes and commercial buildings, this insulation is also used in trucks, for cold storage, walk-in-coolers, climate controlled buildings and warehouses, boats and ships and much for.

Benefits Of Spray Foam


By insulating locations such as walls, ceilings, and basements, you are creating a barrier to moisture, pests, and mold. Spray foam creates an environment in your building that is crisp, dry, and in which you can breathe freely.

Air-Tight Seal

The air-tight seal of spray foam gives you the advantage of insulating difficult to reach and uneven spaces without compromising your warmth, or all of the barriers that spray foam provides against the environment.

Up to 50%
Energy Savings

Heating and cooling account for up to 70% of your buildings energy use. By insulating you would be able to save up to 40% on not only your winter, but also your summer energy costs.

Property Value

Between winter storms, Nor’easters, and the summer heat, homes in Tri-State Area have to face a lot. That is why when new property owners are shopping for their place to call home, they value insulation due to its energy savings and its ability structurally strengthen a home 75-200%.

Why Choose Us as Your
Insulation Contractor

Free Estimates

Alpha Insulation provides FREE estimates for all insulation projects. Whether your property needs attic insulation or spray foam insulation, feel free to approach our insulation contractor for consultation. Choose our insulation company today!

Certified Installers

Our experienced insulation professionals seek to deliver top-notch results for your insulation needs. We perform a careful inspection and measurement for a smooth installation process. Expect a well-secured home or office from us!

Fast & Efficient

Alpha Insulation aims to make clients happy with our efficient installation system. Our foam insulation is popular for many properties, be it residential or commercial. You can trust our services every time.


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Residential Insulation

Spray foam insulation is becoming more and more popular for residents both in new construction and existing buildings. Spray foam insulation is cost-effective, dependable and will save on the energy bills. Spray foam insulation will reduce humidity and moisture in your home and it helps to reduce mold and mildew. Spray foam insulation expands to fill in cracks and crevices forming a tight seal against changing temperatures while preventing energy leaks. Our professional spray foam insulation experts have the right tools and equipment to apply residential spray foam insulation safely and correctly giving you the most value and benefit for your money. Applying spray foam insulation to residents can pay for itself in energy savings

Commercial Insulation

Commercial businesses are in the business to make money. However, all too often businesses spend far more energy than they expect to spend. Commercial spray foam insulation for your commercial business can provide many benefits for your business including:

  • Prevents drafts and saves on energy bills
  • Reduces noise levels making a quieter work environment
  • Improved air quality since spray insulation may prevent dust and pollens from entering your business.
    More consistent temperature control and a more comfortable work environment

We can apply spray insulation to all types of workshops, warehouses, and agricultural sheds as well as offices and other commercial businesses.